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Long term results require long term commitment to yourself & having someone accountable is the key.With over 10 years experience in the industry I work with clients to help structure healthy habits into their day to day lives to achieve results.



I work with clients all around the world online through a user friendly app that gives everyone private login access to their own personalised program & support network I create after their initial consultation. It is important to me to support members 360° throughout their journeys & everyone is held accountable.My online Community 'TeamVTx' who also support each other in their goals receive exclusive access to weekly team workouts via zoom, recipes & various articles. They also receive precedence for upcoming retreats for those that wish to travel with me, meet others in the team & further progress towards their goals.I know how tough things can be with lifestyles, family & emotions so it's important to me that everyone has the best opportunity they can to succeed.



Going through a weight loss & weight gain journey myself I know the challenges people face in all areas of nutrition. I have worked in great detail with everyone of my clients to find a healthy balance and step away from the extremes we see all over the media these days.Life is to short not to enjoy your food & just small sustainable changes can make big differences, every member of the Team recieves personal support and advice to make this work for them.



With a background in rehab & fitness I encorporate some level of yoga and stretching into every routine.
Yoga means something different to everyone so it's important to me to work individually on specific areas people need in order to release & stretch. Not only does this help the body recover from workouts but also calm the mind and bring back that sense of balance from the hectic lifestyles many of us lead today.
I offer weekly zoom classes to bring my online community together and additional 121 sessions upon request.

Professional Qualifications

Victoria Towers

Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer
Qualified Fitness Assessor
All levels Swim Instructor
300HR Yoga Instructor
Nutritional analysis & Coaching
Group fitness Instructor
Thai Massage Therapist
2008- 2011 Team GB Athlete

Results Package

Initial 12 Weeks

12 Weeks is important to achieve any sustainable results & build solid healthy habits.
All I need is patience, commitment & hard work from you.
Your goals are unique to you and so your training will be also, there is no one size fits all.Don't wait for a new week or new year, why not feel better today & book in for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how we can make that first step in the right direction...Together!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Personalised Programming

  • Lifestyle Nutritional Coaching

  • Private Weekly Review Call

  • Daily Support

  • Team VTX Workouts & Yoga

  • Exclusive Community Access

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